Sunday, October 30, 2016

More Emotional Outreach Exercises

After posting Maria Damon's wonderful response to the Emotional Outreach exercise she received, I said that I would post several more.

Here are a few that those of you who have not received the cards directly might find of interest, especially given our extremely fraught and tumultuous political moment. Please read them through and feel free to try one or several. (See below if you do try them.)

Should you try any of them and are willing to share your experience in a paragraph or several, please do so, and forward the note via email to: fieldresearchstudygroup[AT] I will then share them with others, anonymously if you like. PLEASE NOTE: I will not share your email or personal information with anyone else.
You may also send it to that address via the following QR code:

Center your QR code reader on the code
above (enlarge if necessary), and it should send
you directly to the correct email.

Thanks so much!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Emotional Outreach Response (from Maria Damon)

It has been a while (over a year!) since I last posted here, but I wanted to share one response from the most recent version of the Emotional Response Project.

Here is a note that the poet and scholar Maria Damon posted on her Facebook page in response to one of the vouchers (cards) I passed out at the end of a short presentation several Saturdays back at the Worker Writers School on Governors Island, at the invitation of Mark Nowak. (A full writeup is here.)

Maria posted* the following:

Here are some of the responses (the Facebook link is dead):

Many thanks to Maria for her collaboration, and I will post a few more of the instructions and, as they arrive, the responses, over the next few days!